Xperos for iOS

Our iOS app gives you quick access to your fasts on the go. Check your times, start & end fasts, and see a graph of recent fast times! Check your history and tweak or delete any data.

All of this is synced in the cloud, ensuring you can pick up where you left off no matter where you use Xperos next.

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Getting Started

The very first time you open the iOS app, you will be greeted by a prompt asking you to confirm that you are okay with your data being synced in the cloud. We care a lot about your data privacy, and you can delete it from our servers at any time. You only have to do this once.

From there, you can login or register, after which you will wind up at the main view, which includes three tabs: Fast, Data, and Settings.

The "Fast" tab enables you to start and stop fasts, see how long you have fasted, as well as see a graph depicting your recent fasting trends. The large button on this screen toggles between "Start Fast" and "Stop Fast," functioning loosely equivalent to a stopwatch.

The "History" tab shows data about up to your most recent 100 fasts, as well as some stats (average length, total number of fasts, longest fast).

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