Xperos has a robust feature set that rivals similar apps on the market.

Cloud Storage

All of your fasts are stored automatically in the cloud, ensuring that you don't risk losing your data and can easily access your current time, as well as any historical data, from any version of the app seamlessly.

All it takes is a free Xperos account. Just provide a username, email address, and password, and you're good to go.

Multi-Platform Support

Currently, Xperos has versions for iOS, macOS, and web, with plans to add Android to the lineup soon. We want to ensure you can use Xperos on your terms, however may be most convenient for a certain day's schedule.

Both the iOS and macOS versions can be found in their respective App Stores.

Easy Data Access

At any time, you can export your fasting data through our website into either Excel or CSV format, ensuring that you don't feel locked into our app. Your data belongs to you, and you should be able to have access to it ways you can use elsewhere.

Along similar lines, you can delete your account at any time, wiping all of your data from our servers. Too many apps refuse to let you delete you data — and we proudly stand against that.

Set Goals

Xperos lets you set a goal length for each fast, enabling you to compare expectation to reality. This may help you find which strategies are working and which ones are not.

Take Some Notes!

We encourage you to leave notes about anything relevant that happened during your fast. This is saved with the start/end times, so you can easily review all of the information you need about your fasts in one place.

Dark Mode

Both our website and our macOS version support Dark Mode, so you can prevent getting tons of light near bed or just save your eyes some strain in general.

In the web version, under your account page (click the gear icon when logged in), you will see a toggle for Dark Mode under the Settings panel.

The macOS version uses the system-level setting.


The Xperos Knowledgebase includes a wealth of information to help you with your fasting, including both resources we have prepared and a variety of articles and videos from third party sources.