Xperos was created by two women who are intermittent fasting enthusiasts. We were disappointed with the completeness of solutions on the market for tracking intermittent fasting. Thus we set out to create our own.

Both of us hated the gimmicky, unscientific nature of fad dieting and, were happy to see the surge in bona fide, peer reviewed research supporting intermittent fasting and began doing daily fasts in October 2018 — a pattern we have kept up to today.

The name "Xperos" is a play on the medical phrase for fasting "nil per os" or "nothing by mouth." Since this name contains "Eros," the Greek name of Cupid, we cheekily used a bow & arrow as our logo.

It's still just the two of us running things to this day!


The initial code for what would become Xperos was written in late November 2018, then titled "Muu." A barebones beta of the web app was available under that name until the "v1.0" release of the web app as Xperos in January 2018.

Releases of a native iOS app and macOS app followed in February 2018.


Thorne Melcher

Mandy Musselwhite